Argus® Technology

Spots every drop

ProAnalysis Argus® technology is a unique technology for Oil in Water (OiW) monitoring, for challenging water treatment process applications. With more than 10 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, the Argus OiW monitors has shown well-proven high performance, and have become a valuable tool for O&G operators worldwide in process optimization and discharge monitoring.

The Argus® OiW technology was developed in close cooperation with major Oil & Gas operators in the North Sea, as a response to the need for reliable oil in water monitor technology under challenging process conditions. It was introduced to the Norwegian market in 2005 and internationally in 2008. Argus® is currently a leading supplier of Oil in Water monitors worldwide, and preferred supplier by technology-leading O&G operators.

Ultrasound self-cleaning

The major challenge with optical measurements in water is contamination from the process water, especially in challenging produced water treatment processes. ProAnalysis™ patented automated self-cleaning technology ensures a clean optical measurement window, due to its unique ultrasound cleaning capabilities.

Key features

  • Unique in-line probe design
  • Robust measurement principle: Laser Induced Fluorescence
  • Retractable in-line probe. all pressure ranges, no bypass loop required
  • Patented automatic ultrasound self-cleaning
  • Remote monitoring of OiW (offshore or onshore), fully integrated with industry standard control systems
  • Safe area installation
  • Multipoint system
  • Wireless communication

Key benefits

  • Continous measurements
  • Improves performance of produced water treatment systems
  • Minimises OiW discharges
  • Reduces the use of chemicals
  • Low maintenance
  • Low installation costs
  • Replaces manual sampling and laboratory analysis
  • Prevents significant oil discharges, immediate alarm when OiW levels exceed a defined limit
  • Valve shut down function on high oil concenctration