Argus® Subsea

Optimally suited for subsea application

Most large international Oil & Gas operators have a strong focus on subsea technology, and increasingly more equipment is located subsea. However, subsea separation of oil / gas / water – with a large potential for cost savings – has not yet been implemented. Operators have stated that ” Oil in Water measurement from subsea separators is an area with significant technology gaps as none of the instruments topside can be easily adapted.

This technology is crucial for the application of subsea separation.” (“Technology strategy for Subsea Processing and Transport”, October 2006). The Argus® technology is designed for operation in challenging offshore process conditions, and has a number of characteristics that makes it well suited for subsea application.

Key benefits

  • UV fluorescence measurement principle
  • In-line measurement
  • Measurement at higher pressures and temperatures
  • Low level of maintenance, long lifetime
  • Remote operation