Argus® OiW Monitor

Reliable and continuous measurements of Oil in Water

Argus Oil in Water monitors concentrations at different levels, to monitor the separation process (water outlet), the water treatment process or the water injection process, paving the way for new applications for online OiW monitors. Oil & Gas operators are able to manage the process with real time OiW data from single or multiple measurement points throughout the process, providing unique process control.

Key features

  • Unique in-line probe design
  • Robust measurement principle: Laser Induced Fluorescence
  • Retractable in-line probe. all pressure ranges, no bypass loop required
  • Patented automatic ultrasound self-cleaning
  • Remote monitoring of OiW (offshore or onshore), fully integrated with industry standard control systems
  • Safe area installation
  • Multipoint system
  • Wireless communication

Key benefits

  • Continous measurements
  • Improves performance of produced water treatment systems
  • Minimises OiW discharges
  • Reduces the use of chemicals
  • Low maintenance
  • Low installation costs
  • Replaces manual sampling and laboratory analysis
  • Prevents significant oil discharges, immediate alarm when OiW levels exceed a defined limit
  • Valve shut down function on high oil concenctration


Retraction tools

RT-C Retraction Tool


Standard retraction tool for operating pressures up to 2 barg.

RT-ZC Retraction Tool


For increased personnel safety at operating pressures up
to 4 barg (Statoil standard)

RT-H Retraction Tool


Hydraulic retraction tool for operating pressures up to 100 barg.