Argus® Extreme

Introducing the next level of Oil in Water Monitor
for extreme conditions

Argus® Extreme is enabling Oil in Water (OiW) monitoring for the most difficult process conditions. It is fully automatic and self-cleaning up to 100 barg operating pressure. It features a groundbreaking patented Retract and Clean technology a landmark in OiW monitoring and is eligible for use in all stages of the water treatment.

Argus Extreme concept-drawing. The world's first OiW-monitor with self-cleaning at high pressure.

Argus Extreme concept-drawing. The world’s first and only in-line OiW-monitor with self-cleaning at high pressure.

Key features

  • Extreme cleaning capabilities
  • Unaffected by fluctuating process pressure, temperature or flowrate
  • The only reliable ultrasonic cleaning system at high pressure
  • Self-diagnostic features
  • Patented retract and clean technology
  • Industry leading in-line OiW-monitor
  • Accurate and reliable Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) measurements
  • Prevents significant oil discharges, immediate alarm when OiW levels exceed a defined limit
  • Remote monitoring of OiW (offshore or onshore), fully integrated with industry standard control systems

Key benefits

  • Extreme self-cleaning capabilities up to 100 barg operating pressure
  • Continuous in-line monitoring of OiW
  • Designed for the most extreme process conditions
  • Suitable for use in all stages of the water treatment process
  • Low maintenance due to unique cleaning system
  • Industry leading in-line OiW-monitor
  • Improves performance of produced water treatment systems
  • Reduces the use of chemicals
  • Minimises OiW discharge
  • Fully removable without shutdown of process

One OiW system – 12 measurement points

Our unique Argus OiW Multipoint System simplifies installation and integration time by providing the customer only one interface for up to 12 measurement probes. This means significant cost reductions. The OiW system can be located both in hazardous zone or in a safe area. The system can be designed with a combinaton of different Argus models (both low pressure and high pressure probes).